Costume Clever

Homade Costumes Available!  The Fancy Butterfly Makes Costumes!

I love making costumes, I love the challenge of bringing an idea to life, or figuring out how to make a copy. 

I grew up always having home-made costumes, so when I had a family of my own, I got started right away. My son's first halloween, I made him a baby chicken coming out of an egg, where the egg was attached to my baby Bjorn.  The creativity just flowed from there!

I just love sewing and find making costumes, especially for others, so satisfying for me.  I hope you'll let me create for your family too!

2011 Costumes available for purchase on Ebay, or email to purchase.
Popcorn Costume  Pottery Barn kids inspired popcorn costume, lovingly handmade. PBK no longer offeres this costume.  $67.00 shipped, click here for this Ebay item.

Hamburger Costume  Pottery Barn Kids inspired Hamburger costume.  This is no longer available at PBK.  $50.00 shipped.  Includes french fries hat!  Click here for this Ebay item.

I love the Cupcake Cotumes! There are a variety of styles and makers selling Cupcakes this year! And there are quite a few EUCs available on Ebay! I got my start costuming with the Pottery Barn cupcake Costume and it will always be special to me.
I'm have noticed that many re-sale costumes are missing the adorable Strawberry Hat that goes with the costume. Which is completely the "icing on the cake"

I'm selling the Strawberry Hats! Visit my Ebay Listing!

I'm also offering the French Fry hats again this year! These REALLY make the outfit!

Check out my Ebay listing or email me to purchase.